Improvisation: cutting edge & cross culture leadership skills

May 18, 2016

Today I talk with Sue Walden pioneer in the use of improvisation principles/skills in business since 1980. Her home is in San Francisco.

In this podcast you get more of a grips on how improvisation principles are cutting edge and translate to various work fields, from therapy, to executive coaching, to customer service improvement across the globe.

Then Sue provides you the experience of her 'Voice Mirror', 'Wedging-in', and the value of having a 'Yes-and' mindset. Including ways for you to train and experience the value of being present, open, and mentally flexible.

We talk about how the skill to 'Edutain' (educate & entertain) helps people to bring information and knowledge into the body, through direct experience.

Check out her website to experience some of her exercises:


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