Collective Abundance - A paradigm LIVED by corporates and cowork spaces?

December 20, 2015

Last April I met Natale Danko: an impressive millennium promise young professional. She has uplifted various cowork spaces across the globe - from Hyderabad, San Fransisco to Bangalore - and now is back at her home town Toronto CA, to pursue her mission to unlock Collective Abundance in (co) work spaces.

In this podcast she explains why and how Host2Transform could contribute to her mission. She aspires to experiment with the H.O.S.T. tool from January onwards, to see if it helps her to unlock an engaged cooperative start-up ecosystem that sustains itself. Next to that, H.O.S.T. could be the perfect tool to integrate 'as a newbee' in a new team, and gain mutual trust (that sometimes takes forever).


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